Noble Savoury, a true delight for every foodie.

After Noble Chocolates there’s now also Noble Savoury with crispy cheese biscuits. In 2015 Patriek Destrooper decided to expand his passion for sweet with something new.

Today we can proudly say that the creation of our delicious cheese biscuits with matured cheeses is a success. In addition, these cookies were awarded the Superior Taste Award in 2015 and three golden stars!

Our collection of cheese biscuits came to life in our establishment in Roeselare. The cheese biscuits are made with the same passion we made our chocolate cups with delicious fillings. They are distributed in various supermarkets such as AD Delhaize.

We have various types of cheese biscuits that belong to the Golden line or Silver line. Cheese biscuits with blue cheese, gouda, a touch of curry, cheddar and so much more. For everyone a biscuit of your choice. Perfect with a glass of wine or a cool beer. A true pleasure for every foodie.