About Noble

At Noble, every bite matters. For more than four generations we have been driven by passion for fine food and infinite curiosity for premium tastes. Since day one we keep creating an ever-evolving selection of sweet and savoury treats for you to enjoy by yourself, or to share with your loved ones. 

We are headed on a mission to transform life’s little moments into Noble ones with our diverse and refined tasty delicacies.

A little gourmet experience for everyone, on every occasion, every day. We are delighted to offer you the pleasures of that perfect salty cheese biscuit, or that indulgent chocolate bite. We are proud to have received several awards that confirm the quality and experience of our tempting treats.

Our ultimate wish is to take you on an indulgent and delicious Noble adventure every day. Because life is a celebration and it calls for loving little touches of taste…

…that’s what we do, and that’s Noble


  • 2000

    Where it all began

    In 2000 the chocolate company 'Hanssens', a subsidiary of Jules Destrooper, was founded. In that year, we started the production of pralines for the premium segment. The launch of the chocolate cups with delicious filling also took place in 2000.

  • 2001

    Chocolate of the Year Award

    In 2001 we have been awarded with the "Chocolate of the Year" award. Noble Chocolates today, is an outgoing and self-assured company that radiates quality and finds its way to the high-end of the market at an incredible speed.

  • 2002

    Selected Trends & Innovations Award

    During our very first participation in SIAL 2002, the food trade fair in Paris, our products received applause and we saw our dedication crowned with a "Selected Trends & Innovations" award.


  • 2004

    Hanssens becomes Noble Chocolates

    Patriek Destrooper becomes 100% owner of Hanssens. Hanssens is known today under the name Noble Chocolates.


  • 2006

    Expansion Veurne

    To invest in a solid growth of the company, Noble Chocolates decided to expand the establishment in Veurne.


  • 2007

    New production line of chocolate cups

    We started in 2000 with one product: our well-known chocolate cups, which are still made with our own constructed machines. A few years later, in 2007, we decided to renew and realize a new production line of our refined chocolate cups.


  • 2009

    Chocolate Easter eggs

    In 2009 we decided to expand our assortment with delicious Easter eggs. Each Easter egg is made from pure Belgian chocolate.


  • 2010

    Crispy Chocolate Cups

    Famous for its expertly crafted chocolate cups, Noble Chocolates has helped spread the reputation of Belgian chocolate around the globe ... In 2010 it launched a Crispy Cup box, nine crispy chocolate cups with an extremely delicious filling and an entire hazelnut in the middle.

  • 2015

    Noble Savoury

    Noble launches a new brand, Noble Savoury. Crispy biscuits based on aged cheese. This expansion of the assortment also brought a new establishment: Noble Savoury in Roeselare. Our cheese biscuits were rewarded with the Superior Taste Award 2015. An annual prize awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute since 2005.



    Gouda Cheese Biscuit
    Cheddar Cheese Biscuit
    Best Blue Cheese Biscuit
    Gouda with Curry Cheese Biscuit

  • 2016

    More goodies

    New assortment of chocolate snacks: clusties, chocolate sticks and mini-tablets. There's also a new assortment of cheese biscuits that's divided in two ranges: the 'Gold line' and the 'Silver line'.


  • 2020

    20 years Noble

    We celebrate our 20th anniversary with a tasty collaboration with Beemster Cheese. The cheese cookies contain 25% naturally aged Beemster cheese, fresh butter and only natural ingredients! The cheese still tastes creamy but tangy at the same time.

  • 2023


    After more than 20 years, it was time to rebrand Noble. Our focus remains on making the most delicious chocolate and cookie products, using the best ingredients and most innovative techniques. In addition, the range will be completely palm oil-free and RA certified. We are not only launching new packaging, but also adding new flavors to our range!